Whining Crybabies and Weekend Warriors

Masks help stop a person from spreading the disease to other people. It’s called being responsible to your fellow citizens. It keeps the water droplets from being expelled into the air around you.

They aren’t lifting a finger for anyone but themselves.

Those water droplets are expelled not just through coughing or sneezing but through breathing. If you need proof, breathe on a mirror or even your glasses like many people do to clean them. That fog is caused by water vapour in your breath. which is composed of water droplets that once in the air will float until it falls onto a surface. If the water vapour carries any sort of infection in them the infection will stay on the surface until it either dies, which with covid-19 can be up to three days, or until it is removed. Until either of these things happen, anyone that touched that surface or breathes that breath are at risk.

The more exposure a person has to these germs, the more chance of getting sick. If no one wears a mask, then any who have gotten the virus will leave it in the environment and any surface around them. This leads to others picking up the virus and possibly getting infected by it. Which in turn allows the new person to spread it in their environment, risking yet more people.

An example of a typical Trumper.

Now I know most Trump Supporters don’t have enough human decency to care about anyone but themselves. That’s the main reason they Voted for Donald Dimwit. I also know they think this is about them, and their fictitious rights to be allowed to spread disease because they aren’t afraid to get it. Just like they claim it’s their right to gather in an unruly mob, armed to the teeth because they have a right to bear arms. Of course they always neglect to pay attention to the “Well Regulated” part of the passage.

Of course I expect the Spoiled Brats that whine about having the right to get their haircuts, go to the beach or enter a private business like Costco claiming they are exempt to following that business’s policies and attack the employees that enforce these policies because they don’t want to wear a mask for whatever reason. No where in the constitution does it give anyone the right to put the general population at risk, or to attack a fellow citizen for obeying the laws and guidelines issued by legally elected State Officials. I could be wrong but if I am Please tell me what part of the Constitution states that it’s a right to go to the beach or get a haircut.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Evan Vucci/AP/Shutterstock (10434333bm) Donald Trump, Sauli Niinisto. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington Trump, Washington, USA – 02 Oct 2019

None of them would have made it in WWII. A bunch of crybabies the whole lot. Their Grandparents would have disowned them during that time as Unamerican and Unpatriotic. In those days, sacrificing for the general good was not only considered normal but mandatory.

I can see it now. Whaaa, the gas is rationed, waaah I can’t buy all the sugar or coffee I want. Whaa I’m expected to make a sacrifice for my Fellow Americans. Poor poor me, It violates my rights being forced to support the War Effort. Wahh they arrested me for price gouging and black marketeering. No, No. I can’t join up to fight the Nazis because I have an ingrown Toe Nail.

The times have changed. The heroes in this fight aren’t the military. They are the front line workers who risk exposure to the virus to care for other people. They are like the Greatest Generation in that they keep on doing it even as an ungrateful sector of the nation keeps asking for more.

The Brave and The Bold

It’s sad to see how badly the Character of These American People has diminished. The Proud Warriors of the past have been replaced with soft, lazy complainers who are only brave when armed and facing unarmed opponents of when they outnumber them by a factor of five. The Greatest Generation were proud to put their lives on the line. The Wannabe Generation is proud to put other people’s lives on the line. And all through this, The Real Heroes are protested against, screamed at and even threatened.

The Gutless Wonders.

The people from the Greatest Generation would be ashamed of these selfish fools. THEY’D be lined up around the block to pitch in where ever needed and not whining about having to do it. Of course back then, the men and women were mostly courageous people with ideals. They stood up proudly to face the greatest challenge of their times. I never heard of any of them advocating stopping the war because they wanted a haircut or attacking a salesclerk because they couldn’t get more than they were rationed for. Of course, most of them had discipline and and enough self respect to find that sort of behavior beyond the pale.

The Wannabe Generation not so much. They dress up like Rambos, only the Real Warriors are laughing at them. It takes a number of them to face off against a single opponent. And they need to be armed to do that. Of course John Rambo would take them down in a few seconds without raising a sweat and walk off with all their toys. John Wayne would spit on them and Audie Murphy would look at them funny and walk away shaking his head. So lets all hear it for all of Trump’s WAMBOS.

Empaths Feel

Empaths feel. They are so able to feel others’ emotions that they often can’t distinguish between their own emotions and that which is coming from other people. Many don’t realize this and try to deaden themselves to these sensations with alcohol or drugs. They are often diagnosed as having a mental illness and often considered oddballs by those around them.

Because they don’t understand what is happening to them, they don’t have shields to filter what is coming at them and what is being projected from them. They often attract those who are ‘Psychic Vampires’ or just opportunists. They have a hard time to learn that they can only help those that are also trying to help themselves. Most I have known have been drained of energy by needy people and it has affected their health and even driven them to tragic circumstances.

Empaths need to be told that they aren’t insane and that they can learn to shield themselves and be more discerning about who they let get close to them. They often feel lonely and that no one understands them. Because of their sensitivity, many things affect them more deeply than most other people.

When an Empath learns that most people aren’t their friends and it doesn’t have to do with the other people liking or not liking them but that most people are too involved with their own affairs to spare much time thinking about any one else’s situation, they can begin to be able to not make everyone else’s problems theirs. They can begin to attract the right people into their lives and build a support group around themselves that will nurture and protect them from the wrong people.

Where do we go from here?

The world has been headed for a cliff for awhile now. It has been obvious to anyone who were able to open their eyes and see it. However, it’s been easy to ignore, especially for those who find the truth inconvenient.

Many of us are familiar with the Criminal Justice System, if only from watching Police Shows. Our Police Forces have evolved over the last few centuries and have had a checkered past. In many countries, the police have served the people who ran the country, those on the top. All over the world, corruption exists to various degrees. In the Western World, most nations’ police forces are said to protect and serve the population on the whole. In Democracies, that is mostly true. Just like our Military, they aren’t there for the purpose of oppressing the people in the neighbourhoods in which they serve.

The thing to always remember is that both military and law enforcement if made up of people. They are flawed, ordinary people with their own perspectives, ideals and goals. Most want to serve a purpose with their careers and it’s Leadership and Training that makes a difference with how they do their duties. As with any group that gives it’s members some form of authority, it will attract people who are there for the wrong reasons. Those who like to throw their weight around. These are the ones who go out spoiling for a fight. They go out hoping for trouble. They tend to be extra aggressive and often have other members of their departments either idolizing them or afraid to say anything because the Blue Line comes down on snitches.

The parallels between Criminal thinking and Police thinking for these people is extraordinarily similar. Internal Affairs, the group that polices the Police, is known by many derogatory names, such as the Rat Squad. Many Police officers consider them the same way ordinary Criminals consider the Police. These same Officers turn on any of their own that report misconduct, just like Criminals turn on anyone who reports their crimes to the authorities. Paying lip service to the rules and regulations rather than the spirit that made those rules necessary. As long as those whose duty is to weed out bad apples are considered Traitors by the other cops, they will never get the support they need to do their job effectively. That is why in the worse cases Outside agencies have to be called in to do investigations. All other means are stonewalled by the very people who are suppose to Serve and Protect.

This week, two Buffalo, N.Y. police officers pushed down a seventy-five years old protester who was doing nothing violent towards them. Then their whole unit just left him there as they walked on. Next the Buffalo Police lied about it saying the man tripped and fell during a Skirmish with police officers. I’ve had worse skirmishes trying to get dressed in the morning. When the two officers were suspended without pay and later charged, 57 other members of the riot squad resigned in protest. Not from the Police Department but from the Emergency Response Team. They believe that being a part of an Elite Team meant they were not to be held accountable for their actions.
Being part of Elite Teams mean they have to be held to a higher standard and if they can’t live up to that standard then they don’t belong on such a team. If these officers don’t get that then maybe they need to be investigated for what They might be hiding.

The Real Question to Ask is, what are their Leaders doing to fix the problems. In this case they first tried to cover it up. Another session of Passing the Buck. Then 57 tried mass resigning. Not the Police Force, where they’d have to get real jobs after, just the Emergency Response Team they shamed by their adolescent actions. Let them try to find real jobs by kicking all of the 59 officers off the force. These are the incorrigible ones who should not be wearing Police Uniforms. Let them try to get away with such behavior in the real world and see how tough they are without a badge. My prediction is most will have to work for minimum wage unloading trucks or end up in prison as convicts.

Buffalo Police Officers Shove 75 Year Old Man Down Then Lie About It.

There have always been two views on what police are suppose to do. Many believe their main purpose is to enforce the law. This has often lead to police enforcing stupid law like smoking pot or loitering. Many citizens believe protecting property is also their main function, especially the wealthier ones who have the most to protect. These citizens put their wealth above poorer people’s lives.

The other point of view is that the police are there to keep the Peace, hence the term Peace Officers. In this perspective, the police are there to quiet potential situations and not spend all their time enforcing arbitrary laws. It is a much harder job than kneeling on a man’s neck until he dies or pushing a civilian over until they hit their head on the ground. Peace Officers get to know the people in their district. They are committed to Community Policing, not starting fights or looking for the opportunity to show how tough they are.

Maybe because I’m not a wealthy person. Somehow I’ve never been able to put objects above Human Life and Dignity. Maybe I am just an aberration, unable to see materialism as the only way to look at things. All I can say that given the choice between the first type of policing and the latter, I choose the latter.

The last few weeks has shone a light on how the various Police Departments across the United States, Canada and other countries operate. It has shown that some departments are top heavy with thugs and bullies, while others are just people trying to do a very difficult job. If I lost my temper at my job and disrespected a customer, being suspended without pay would be the least of my worries. I’d be fired on the spot and if I laid hands on that customer, I’d be charged.

Most Police officers know they aren’t above the law. Some however have the Trump attitude that they can get away with anything, up to and including murder. This continues to build every time they get off scot free or with a slap on the wrist. They eventually develop the attitude that they deserve special treatment for doing their jobs. Before cameras were so common, they often got away with their actions because their word was more widely accepted over a civilian’s. As often as not they were backed up by other cops who were under pressure to keep loyal to their fellow officers. They were protected by lies of omission as well as outright fabrication. Many people forget that ten years ago, people did not carry cameras on them all the time. Most cell phones have better cameras now than were available in the past for the average person. The police officers are now getting caught breaking the law in greater numbers. It’s not because they suddenly went rogue. People like Derek Chauvin have a long history of complaints against him. 19 years of them. It took him being careless and getting videos murdering a suspect to put an end to his little reign of terror. Just like it’s time to put an end to abuses from other members of these departments. Anyone who believes their uniform elevates them above the people they are suppose to serve, doesn’t belong in uniform and the majority of people who actually take pride in their positions as Guardians of the People also believe this. They are the ones who need to step up and show their people that they aren’t there as oppressors but protectors. They have to weed out ALL the bad apples. The honorable men and women of law enforcement also need to be protected from backlash from the entrenched attitude that they have to protect those that abuse their position and break the laws because they can.

Covid and Smallpox

The Covid-19 outbreak has been nature’s way of reminding us that we aren’t the ones in control. A microscopic entity has taken down humanity for the next while and will keep doing so if humanity doesn’t pull it’s head out of it’s collective butts.

People have been relatively spoiled the last hundred years ago. After the Spanish Flu in 1918 and 1919 caused the world to wake up as far as Pandemic responses are concerned. It illustrated that people were not doing the necessary things to control such outbreaks.

In the years that followed, Science developed a number of ways to defeat disease. Vaccines have been developed that eliminated Smallpox. Brought Measles, Mumps and other diseases under control and stopped the Polio and Tuberculosis epidemics. The results have been a slow decline in many diseases and has made outbreaks, which were once an accepted part of everyday living fewer and usually less deadly.

Then the inevitable happened. People got complacent. They began to question the need for inoculations and vaccinations. They’ve developed many conspiracy theories and have started to reject the proven benefits of Vaccines to insist that humanity go back to the “Natural Way” things were before.

Most of these people know little to nothing about history. They think that Biblical Times were just a few years from the Three Musketeers era. They have little knowledge of things like the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague. They haven’t had to go through the recurring Smallpox Epidemics, or the many Typhoid, Typhus and Diphtheria outbreaks that were a constant threat to humanity only a hundred years ago. They’ve completely forgotten the Tuberculosis and Polio epidemics that ran rampage throughout the world for centuries at a time. No one was safe and even an American President was crippled by Polio less than a century ago. Polio, which was also called Infantile Paralysis, because it harmed mostly children, was a great fear in most peoples minds.

Cotton Mather and and the Inoculation Controversy

There was a man in the late 1600s and early 1700s. His name was Cotton Mather and he faced a similar problem then. He was known to be a major scholar in his time. He graduated Harvard College at 15. he was a prolific writer and he left a major scientific legacy. He is primarily known for his writing of 450 books and pamphlets, and for his association with the Salem Witch Trails. He definitely caused some of the problems there with his treatises on Witches and Witchcraft and helped spread the hysteria. However, despite that, it was his advocacy of Smallpox Inoculation that has lived on into the modern era.

1: Smallpox was a serious threat in colonial America, most devastating to Native Americans, but also to Anglo-American settlers. New England suffered smallpox epidemics in 1677, 1689–90, and 1702. With a mortality rate of up to 30%, it was capable of depopulating a town and disrupting commerce on all levels.

He learned about Inoculation from his slave Onesimus who had been inoculated in Africa. The practice of smallpox inoculation (as opposed to the later practice of vaccination) was developed possibly in 8th-century India or 10th-century China. Spreading its reach in seventeenth-century Turkey, inoculation or, rather, variolation, involved infecting a person via a cut in the skin with exudate from a patient with a relatively mild case of smallpox (variola), to bring about a manageable and recoverable infection that would provide later immunity. By the beginning of the 18th century, the Royal Society in England was discussing the practice of inoculation, and the smallpox epidemic in 1713 spurred further interest. It was not until 1721, however, that England recorded its first case of inoculation. (from Wikipedia)

Cotton decided that this was the way to protect the people of his colony and worked hard to prove it, in spite of major opposition from both the Medical Establishment and the Puritan Establishment.

2: Public discourse ranged in tone from organized arguments by John Williams from Boston, who posted that “several arguments proving that inoculating the smallpox is not contained in the law of Physick, either natural or divine, and therefore unlawful,” to those put forth in a pamphlet by Dr. William Douglass of Boston, entitled The Abuses and Scandals of Some Late Pamphlets in Favour of Inoculation of the Small Pox (1721), on the qualifications of inoculation’s proponents. (Douglass was exceptional at the time for holding a medical degree from Europe.) At the extreme, in November 1721, someone hurled a lighted grenade into Mather’s home. (from Wikipedia)

Smallpox returned on April 22 1721. It was brought by a ship. By mid June it was spreading at an alarming rate.

3: As a new wave of smallpox hit the area and continued to spread, many residents fled to outlying rural settlements. The combination of exodus, quarantine, and outside traders’ fears disrupted business in the capital of the Bay Colony for weeks. Guards were stationed at the House of Representatives to keep Bostonians from entering without special permission. The death toll reached 101 in September, and the Selectmen, powerless to stop it, “severely limited the length of time funeral bells could toll.” As one response, legislators delegated a thousand pounds from the treasury to help the people who, under these conditions, could no longer support their families.

On June 6, 1721, Mather sent an abstract of reports on inoculation by Timorous and Jacobus Pylarinus to local physicians, urging them to consult about the matter. He received no response. Next, Mather pleaded his case to Dr. Zabdiel Boylston, who tried the procedure on his youngest son and two slaves—one grown and one a boy. All recovered in about a week. Boylston inoculated seven more people by mid-July. The epidemic peaked in October 1721, with 411 deaths; by February 26, 1722, Boston was again free from smallpox. The total number of cases since April 1721 came to 5,889, with 844 deaths—more than three-quarters of all the deaths in Boston during 1721. Meanwhile, Boylston had inoculated 287 people, with six resulting deaths.

Boylston and Mather’s inoculation crusade “raised a horrid Clamour” among the people of Boston. Both Boylston and Mather were “Object[s] of their Fury; their furious Obloquies and Invectives”, which Mather acknowledges in his diary. Boston’s Selectmen, consulting a doctor who claimed that the practice caused many deaths and only spread the infection, forbade Boylston from performing it again.

The aftermath
Although Mather and Boylston were able to demonstrate the efficacy of the practice, the debate over inoculation would continue even beyond the epidemic of 1721–22. After overcoming considerable difficulty and achieving notable success, Boylston traveled to London in 1725, where he published his results and was elected to the Royal Society in 1726, with Mather formally receiving the honor two years prior. (from Wikipedia)

Here we are 300 years later. The same types of people are still doing the same things. Dr. Fauci is stuck in a similar spot as Cotton Mather and the Williams of the world have manifested as Trump and his band of ignorant, hide-bound sycophants. Even when showed Science, they, like Ostriches, bury their heads. However it’s not in Sand but up their butts so far that they can look out of their own mouths.

Will this crises knock some sense into these people’s heads? I hope so.
Will their ignorance and inability to think for themselves suddenly dissipate? I sincerely doubt that.
Will they cause much more deaths and prolong the Pandemic? Unfortunately, getting a haircut and going to the beach outweigh any consideration for the rest of the population.

As sad as it is for me to say, some people need to lose a loved one before they take these things seriously. Unfortunately Donald Dimwit doesn’t have the capacity to truly love anyone but himself, so in order to lose a loved one, he would have to contract the disease and die from it himself. Many of his followers, while not being quite so self-centered and sociopathic, still are very limited in how much they care about others. Their immediate family, most of the time. Their Neighbours, when it isn’t inconvenient. Their Hometown, State or Nation, only when it suits them. The Bible Punchers are only interested in keeping or regaining the advantages they had in the past. Same with the White Supremacists and the Second Amendment Radicals.

In closing, The Covid-19 Pandemic has served to point out humanities basest natures. The many people who wouldn’t think twice about throwing you out of a lifeboat have shown their true colours and are shouting it loud and clear. It has illustrated weaknesses in the Healthcare Systems all around the world and the defects in “Leaders” in various Nations and States. While the virus and the deaths caused by it are horrendous, it also provides the opportunity to fix some of these defects. We don’t have time to sit on our hands and hope it goes away and never comes back. We must either Stand together or be hanged separately. We all know that Trumpers consider anyone else expendable. I ask the Question to everyone.


Arson to Start a Riot.

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In Minneapolis today a great horror occurred.
Once Again, the idiots and morons decided to make things worse

It’s bad enough that the Police in Minneapolis harboured a violent psychopath in their ranks for 19 years, resulting in the death of an unarmed black man, but now some of the people there are fanning the flames. Literally. In a video that witnessed the protest and the deliberate action to create riot conditions. As seen in the video below, a white male carrying an umbrella and a hammer and wearing a high grade gas mask, is seen smashing in the windows of a Autozone which was after set ablaze. This man was not a part of the protest. No, he was one of an unknown number of deliberate Agent Provocateurs, for as of yet, unknown reasons.

Asides from this particular incident, some very disturbed and likely corrupt people were committing arson in a number of other places, starting a deliberate riot.

It simply illustrates that corruption runs deep in that city. They risked many people’s lives to push forward an agenda of fear and hatred. As to who it could be, there is only speculation at this time.

The obvious suspects would be corrupt cops. The video of the murder of George Floyd already showed what one bad apple can do, especially if his fellow cops stand around with stupid looks on their faces and don’t even try to rein him in.

Now we have to ask.

How Deeply Does This Extend in the Minneapolis Police Department?

Is it deep enough that some rogue officers are willing to destroy their own City to hide it? If so, how long has it been happening, Rotting out the Force’s integrity? In time. we will hopefully find out. Until then, I ponder as to what further lengths these people will go. How many people are they willing to put in harm’s way?

Here’s the link. Masked White Man Smashes Windows of Store in Minneapolis to Instigate Riot

Second group of suspects would be some Right Wingnut Nationalist group. As there are so many these days, I think I’ll just call them “White Boys ‘R’ Us” for now. The problem their is that the two groups aren’t mutually exclusive. Bullies are a special breed. They need someone who is smaller or weaker then they are in order to get their fix. Some of them become Cops, some of them become thug and some of them are ambitious enough to be both.

Whoever was behind this deliberate act to create an atmosphere of fear and violence, when everything is said and done, they are nothing more than fourth rate Terrorists.

We will have to wait until these events are investigated by an outside agency before the perpetrators will be unmasked. In the end, it doesn’t matter if they are “White Boys ‘R’ Us”, rogue police officers or members of a Fraternal Brotherhood, they are TERRORISTS.

As such they have already thrown away any right to consideration. As President Bonespurs has said, it’s OK to be rough on a suspect. Right?

How America Became Great Again.

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Four years ago, The United States was a Leader in most things in the world. It had everything going for it. Largest Economy, Largest Military and it took the lead on most world affairs.

It had a leader, Barack Obama, that had in the previous eight years, stopped the Economy from collapsing. Put in place safeguards to help prevent manipulation of the Stock Market. He instituted measures to keep Banks and other Lending Institutions from over-extending themselves again and from causing a repeat of the 2008 meltdown. He tacked on environmental restrictions on the Automotive industry in exchange for them getting bailout money yet again. He also put his foot down when those companies proceeded to use the bailout money to give bonuses to the same executives that were running the companies into the ground,

He was able to create a better, if not good enough, healthcare insurance system that helped those without the ability to pay massive payments to the health insurance companies, to the ire of those leeches that sucked billions out of the general population for basic medical care. He put into place a Pandemic Response team and made sure they had a sufficient stock of supplies to respond to any emergency and buy time to deal with it. Then he also put into place measures to protect the environment and cut emissions in the air.

He dealt with Emergencies calmly and and with grace. He Was PRESIDENTIAL

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A Man of Accomplishments, Barack Obama.
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Fast forward to 2020. The U.S., while still powerful is no longer a nation anyone would want to follow. Their leader, rather than provide leadership, has spent more time playing golf and hobnobbing with his guests at Mar a Lago, a resort for people with more money than brains. He has, however, also managed to funnel more money to the Richest People and Corporations, than any previous President.

He has insulted every single ally the U.S. has ever had and alienated the rest of the world by his crude and bullying ways. He has tried to incite violence towards anyone he dislikes, which has been anyone who disagrees with him, questions him or even says something that he thinks is directed at him. This has included Predecessors and even State Governors.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is trump-fails-1.jpg
Smug and Proud. Like a baby sitting in his own shit.

He has fumbled the ball badly, over and over during his whole tenure as POTUS. His few accomplishments are all directed to benefit a handful of his peers at the expense of the population of the whole. He has convinced his followers of a Fantasy World where people are going to buy more expensive American Made goods because they are Made in America. That didn’t work in the 1970′ and 80’s. It didn’t stop people from buying Japanese cars or electronics that they were making less expensively and of as good quality as US manufacturers. I remember when attitude went from thinking it was “Cheap Jap Crap so buy American” to “American Made is Over Priced Garbage”. The end result was his corporate buddies moving their production to other countries as sales of their product went into the toilet. Of course, being born rich, he’s never had to budget for basic items and necessities or worry about paying rent for a place to live. HE’S Never had to think for awhile about whether he could afford to buy good food instead of what is cheap and on sale. He certainly never had to enjoy such culinary delights like Cat-food Casserole or Mystery Meatloaf for the one meal a day that some people could barely afford. He definitely hasn’t missed meals because he wanted his kids to eat that day.He hasn’t a clue about the what other people have to do to just survive, much less live decently. He has, however, conned people that he could create lots of jobs, but neglected to reveal they’d be mostly low paying ones. He has also shown a pathological need to hit back at anything or anyone that isn’t blindly following him while also being willing to sacrifice those that do. Donald Trump’s consistently has shown himself to be an obsessive bean counter that worries more about his TV ratings than his job. Whether it’s cutting funding of many necessary departments and hamstringing them from doing their jobs to whining he didn’t want to let people leave the Diamond Princess because it would make “The Numbers Look Bad”. He has shown that he is extremely Anal Retentive in all aspects of his outlook. He believes this makes him popular because all the staged rallies he’s had are filled with his blindly following supporters.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump, He saved some pennies and let the cost of these savings soar to Trillions of dollars. He has let the Pandemic take over his nation because he feared it would hurt the numbers. Congrats, on the Covid-19 numbers, 1,561,766 infected, 92,812 dead, are the highest in the World. These are the best numbers Trump has been able to get in his entire time in Office. He has genuinely shown the most efficient way to totally ruin an economy. Bean Counting and Sitting in his hands.

Unfortunately he was just warming up. After creating one disaster after another he finally had to face his real nemesis when the Covid-19 Pandemic came a calling.

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The effects of all his previous mishandling and eliminating most of his predecessors accomplishments have served to show just how poorly this President was at just about anything. He was able to cut funding on anything that might have alleviated the spread. of the Corona Virus. Here’s an incomplete list of how he undermined the safeguards that he inherited.

1: Turfed the Pandemic Response Team, Check. 2: Shelved the Pandemic Play Book, Check. 3: Worked to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Check 4: Disregarded all warnings about Covid-19, Check 5: Waited months, Hoping it would disappear, Check

Aside from performing like a Circus Clown in front of the nation on Television, he has assumed the role of Shill for questionable medicine. Outside of some Public Relation Stunts, which is how he built up his base in the first place, he has failed to do anything whatsoever that was even remotely effective. He has claimed constantly he’s doing a great job at handling the Pandemic. Someone has to tell him that handling a pandemic is like playing Golf. High numbers bad, low numbers good.

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So now America is in the midst of it’s Greatest Disaster in a Century. Instead of a Leader, they have an Unstable Narcissist with Sub-Standard Intellect and a delusional outlook of reality.
Admittedly he is one of the Greatest Con Artists and Scam Men in History but like all such Scum he is only able to project illusions, not anything Substantial. He equates betraying other’s trust with having more intelligence and exaggerating everything with actually attaining accomplishment.
Even in the midst of this pandemic, he’s more concerned with pork-barreling his cronies and spending a half billion painting his Pathetic Fence with Mexico. Even Golfing has been more important than lost lives.

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Eight month pregnant and still playing golf!

The Great Whiner will remembered in History as The Clown President of The United States and his Make America Great Again just another in his long record of failures.

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The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle

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The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle is a rare animal, seldom seen outside it’s natural habitat, fetid marshes and swamps. It is very Virulent to whatever environment that it inhabits. This creature is unique in that occasionally, it venture away from it’s home swamp and has been found in more urban areas like Washington D.C. What it lacks in grace, speed and intelligence, it make up for with it’s venomous bite and doggedness when aroused. Known for living for 70 to 90 years, they are very difficult to control and eliminate. Besides their annoying habit of defecating on things like Human Rights, The Poor and The Constitution, they regularly undermine Democracy to build their nests.

Warning, if you are subject to infestation by this Vicious Reptile, you should contact an expert at pest control like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. If the infestation has been going long enough to allow this creature to dig his nest deeply into the fabric of your political system, a general cleaning out of the Senate may be necessary. I recommend that an overall and deep replacing of the infected areas be done before winter sets in, around Early November. Warning, This toxic Creature has been known to have Chameleon-like qualities that allow it to appear to be a human being. Rest assured, this is merely a survival trait that allows it to go unnoticed while it it spreads it’s toxicity, eventually poisoning the fabric of the Societies it has infested.

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This is a warning of new scam on Facebook.

Scammers are Scum. A warning to any is are targeted.

Yet another scam artist pretending to be a Representative of no less than Mark Zuckerberg who was going to give me $500,000 CAD. All I had to do was pay a $250. activation fee. I called her on it and low and behold, she doesn’t exist anymore.

Scammers are lazy and usually follow a formula. They are often bad at thinking on their feet. Often they work under another person who has written a script for them to follow. I they know how to read, they can be coached how to trick you out of your money.

This Ruth Nichols isn’t very skilled but the people this person targets are also not very well educated on how scams work, so they get scammed all too often. It seems innocent. Someone requests to be your friend. When you accept, they start a conversation. I also want to add this is the second time someone has tried this very scam on me.

First of all, If Someone has to Friend you first in order to communicate with you, They Don’t Work for Facebook. Someone that is legitimate already has access to your info and can get in touch with you directly, from Facebook. They don’t have to go the round about route.

Second, It is against all Facebook policies to charge a fee to claim a prize. Think. Why would someone who is giving away half a million dollars need a payment to collect it? Any real prize will cover any such expenses from the prize money. In this case I decided to go straight to the scam instead of wasting time with the build up. I already knew the spiel from the last attempt. Notice how her profile pic disappears after I confront her. I immediately let Facebook know that something seemed wrong. Her whole profile and page disappeared quite quickly.

Third, Always verify any such claims from an independent source and do not use any link provided from the supposed representative. This can lead to Ransomware and other types of viruses. This whole conversation took less than 10 minutes all told before the Representative of Mark Zuckerberg ended the attempt and removed their profile from the site.


Whether on Facebook or in an Email, don’t be lazy. Do your Due Diligence. The last bit of info is the same as the last time. Fake

Whenever a Scammer tries to say my PayPal account has been compromised and I need to click on the link to fix the problem, I instead use my regular link in my bookmarks to log into my account and double check is there is any real problem. In the eight or so attempts like that they always showed that the other link was a try at getting my password. These aren’t very smart people, just someone that follows a formula no different than a telephone solicitor. The read off a sheet or use a bot to try to get your money, information and whatever they they can through deceptive means.

Whenever a person approaches you on Facebook, check out their site. Look for the Red Flags. Have they been on Facebook very long.If they have friended you, then see if there is any real personal information on their page. Check back on past posts. Do they show much activity in the last few months. Most scam sites don’t because they get abandoned quickly whenever the persons running the scam gets found out. Usually you will see two or three photos and not much else. Set up fast so they aren’t investing much time on a page that they may have to discard at a moment’s notice. If you feel it’s suspicious contact the organization they claim to be from in a separate Tab. Honest people will understand but crooks will protest their innocence. If they are really representatives, their organization will verify that.

If you don’t verify and don’t follow the guidelines of “If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.” Then if you get conned, you get what you deserve. That’s the reason why con artists think they are smarter than other people. They succeed in pulling the wool over the Eyes of many .


Hello I’m Joseph. I have been around for awhile, 61 years last month. I decided to write this blog to share some of things I’ve seen, Learned and wondered about.

I am not advocating that my opinions are in anyway the only way to look at things. I am only expressing my opinions and am happy to hear other’s opinions as well.

Knowledge is the most portable real wealth there is. A person can carry it with them, use it to earn a living, and keep a person alive. It can be given away or sold, while still keeping it. It only grows when a person is open minded and willing to explore new and unknown things.

A large portion of society is willing to condemn or discard things out of hand without really looking at them. Hubris and arrogance is rampant in the world. Historically, it always has. People aren’t learning from the past therefore get to make the same mistakes over and over again. It truly seems that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

I hope to use this blog as an outlet for my creativity and also my frustrations.I hope you find my viewpoints and ranting entertaining and informative.

Peace and Prosperity
Joseph K.