How America Became Great Again.

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Four years ago, The United States was a Leader in most things in the world. It had everything going for it. Largest Economy, Largest Military and it took the lead on most world affairs.

It had a leader, Barack Obama, that had in the previous eight years, stopped the Economy from collapsing. Put in place safeguards to help prevent manipulation of the Stock Market. He instituted measures to keep Banks and other Lending Institutions from over-extending themselves again and from causing a repeat of the 2008 meltdown. He tacked on environmental restrictions on the Automotive industry in exchange for them getting bailout money yet again. He also put his foot down when those companies proceeded to use the bailout money to give bonuses to the same executives that were running the companies into the ground,

He was able to create a better, if not good enough, healthcare insurance system that helped those without the ability to pay massive payments to the health insurance companies, to the ire of those leeches that sucked billions out of the general population for basic medical care. He put into place a Pandemic Response team and made sure they had a sufficient stock of supplies to respond to any emergency and buy time to deal with it. Then he also put into place measures to protect the environment and cut emissions in the air.

He dealt with Emergencies calmly and and with grace. He Was PRESIDENTIAL

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A Man of Accomplishments, Barack Obama.
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Fast forward to 2020. The U.S., while still powerful is no longer a nation anyone would want to follow. Their leader, rather than provide leadership, has spent more time playing golf and hobnobbing with his guests at Mar a Lago, a resort for people with more money than brains. He has, however, also managed to funnel more money to the Richest People and Corporations, than any previous President.

He has insulted every single ally the U.S. has ever had and alienated the rest of the world by his crude and bullying ways. He has tried to incite violence towards anyone he dislikes, which has been anyone who disagrees with him, questions him or even says something that he thinks is directed at him. This has included Predecessors and even State Governors.

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Smug and Proud. Like a baby sitting in his own shit.

He has fumbled the ball badly, over and over during his whole tenure as POTUS. His few accomplishments are all directed to benefit a handful of his peers at the expense of the population of the whole. He has convinced his followers of a Fantasy World where people are going to buy more expensive American Made goods because they are Made in America. That didn’t work in the 1970′ and 80’s. It didn’t stop people from buying Japanese cars or electronics that they were making less expensively and of as good quality as US manufacturers. I remember when attitude went from thinking it was “Cheap Jap Crap so buy American” to “American Made is Over Priced Garbage”. The end result was his corporate buddies moving their production to other countries as sales of their product went into the toilet. Of course, being born rich, he’s never had to budget for basic items and necessities or worry about paying rent for a place to live. HE’S Never had to think for awhile about whether he could afford to buy good food instead of what is cheap and on sale. He certainly never had to enjoy such culinary delights like Cat-food Casserole or Mystery Meatloaf for the one meal a day that some people could barely afford. He definitely hasn’t missed meals because he wanted his kids to eat that day.He hasn’t a clue about the what other people have to do to just survive, much less live decently. He has, however, conned people that he could create lots of jobs, but neglected to reveal they’d be mostly low paying ones. He has also shown a pathological need to hit back at anything or anyone that isn’t blindly following him while also being willing to sacrifice those that do. Donald Trump’s consistently has shown himself to be an obsessive bean counter that worries more about his TV ratings than his job. Whether it’s cutting funding of many necessary departments and hamstringing them from doing their jobs to whining he didn’t want to let people leave the Diamond Princess because it would make “The Numbers Look Bad”. He has shown that he is extremely Anal Retentive in all aspects of his outlook. He believes this makes him popular because all the staged rallies he’s had are filled with his blindly following supporters.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump, He saved some pennies and let the cost of these savings soar to Trillions of dollars. He has let the Pandemic take over his nation because he feared it would hurt the numbers. Congrats, on the Covid-19 numbers, 1,561,766 infected, 92,812 dead, are the highest in the World. These are the best numbers Trump has been able to get in his entire time in Office. He has genuinely shown the most efficient way to totally ruin an economy. Bean Counting and Sitting in his hands.

Unfortunately he was just warming up. After creating one disaster after another he finally had to face his real nemesis when the Covid-19 Pandemic came a calling.

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The effects of all his previous mishandling and eliminating most of his predecessors accomplishments have served to show just how poorly this President was at just about anything. He was able to cut funding on anything that might have alleviated the spread. of the Corona Virus. Here’s an incomplete list of how he undermined the safeguards that he inherited.

1: Turfed the Pandemic Response Team, Check. 2: Shelved the Pandemic Play Book, Check. 3: Worked to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Check 4: Disregarded all warnings about Covid-19, Check 5: Waited months, Hoping it would disappear, Check

Aside from performing like a Circus Clown in front of the nation on Television, he has assumed the role of Shill for questionable medicine. Outside of some Public Relation Stunts, which is how he built up his base in the first place, he has failed to do anything whatsoever that was even remotely effective. He has claimed constantly he’s doing a great job at handling the Pandemic. Someone has to tell him that handling a pandemic is like playing Golf. High numbers bad, low numbers good.

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So now America is in the midst of it’s Greatest Disaster in a Century. Instead of a Leader, they have an Unstable Narcissist with Sub-Standard Intellect and a delusional outlook of reality.
Admittedly he is one of the Greatest Con Artists and Scam Men in History but like all such Scum he is only able to project illusions, not anything Substantial. He equates betraying other’s trust with having more intelligence and exaggerating everything with actually attaining accomplishment.
Even in the midst of this pandemic, he’s more concerned with pork-barreling his cronies and spending a half billion painting his Pathetic Fence with Mexico. Even Golfing has been more important than lost lives.

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Eight month pregnant and still playing golf!

The Great Whiner will remembered in History as The Clown President of The United States and his Make America Great Again just another in his long record of failures.

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Published by Joseph Kavanagh

Hi. I am a retired 61 year old. I'm of Irish descent and of irreverent temperament. I find a lot of what has been happening on the last few years just bizarre. I really find it hard to trust anyone who takes themselves to seriously, especially those people that can't laugh at themselves.

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