The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle

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The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle is a rare animal, seldom seen outside it’s natural habitat, fetid marshes and swamps. It is very Virulent to whatever environment that it inhabits. This creature is unique in that occasionally, it venture away from it’s home swamp and has been found in more urban areas like Washington D.C. What it lacks in grace, speed and intelligence, it make up for with it’s venomous bite and doggedness when aroused. Known for living for 70 to 90 years, they are very difficult to control and eliminate. Besides their annoying habit of defecating on things like Human Rights, The Poor and The Constitution, they regularly undermine Democracy to build their nests.

Warning, if you are subject to infestation by this Vicious Reptile, you should contact an expert at pest control like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. If the infestation has been going long enough to allow this creature to dig his nest deeply into the fabric of your political system, a general cleaning out of the Senate may be necessary. I recommend that an overall and deep replacing of the infected areas be done before winter sets in, around Early November. Warning, This toxic Creature has been known to have Chameleon-like qualities that allow it to appear to be a human being. Rest assured, this is merely a survival trait that allows it to go unnoticed while it it spreads it’s toxicity, eventually poisoning the fabric of the Societies it has infested.

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Published by Joseph Kavanagh

Hi. I am a retired 61 year old. I'm of Irish descent and of irreverent temperament. I find a lot of what has been happening on the last few years just bizarre. I really find it hard to trust anyone who takes themselves to seriously, especially those people that can't laugh at themselves.

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