Empaths Feel

Empaths feel. They are so able to feel others’ emotions that they often can’t distinguish between their own emotions and that which is coming from other people. Many don’t realize this and try to deaden themselves to these sensations with alcohol or drugs. They are often diagnosed as having a mental illness and often considered oddballs by those around them.

Because they don’t understand what is happening to them, they don’t have shields to filter what is coming at them and what is being projected from them. They often attract those who are ‘Psychic Vampires’ or just opportunists. They have a hard time to learn that they can only help those that are also trying to help themselves. Most I have known have been drained of energy by needy people and it has affected their health and even driven them to tragic circumstances.

Empaths need to be told that they aren’t insane and that they can learn to shield themselves and be more discerning about who they let get close to them. They often feel lonely and that no one understands them. Because of their sensitivity, many things affect them more deeply than most other people.

When an Empath learns that most people aren’t their friends and it doesn’t have to do with the other people liking or not liking them but that most people are too involved with their own affairs to spare much time thinking about any one else’s situation, they can begin to be able to not make everyone else’s problems theirs. They can begin to attract the right people into their lives and build a support group around themselves that will nurture and protect them from the wrong people.

Published by Joseph Kavanagh

Hi. I am a retired 61 year old. I'm of Irish descent and of irreverent temperament. I find a lot of what has been happening on the last few years just bizarre. I really find it hard to trust anyone who takes themselves to seriously, especially those people that can't laugh at themselves.

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