Whining Crybabies and Weekend Warriors

Masks help stop a person from spreading the disease to other people. It’s called being responsible to your fellow citizens. It keeps the water droplets from being expelled into the air around you.

They aren’t lifting a finger for anyone but themselves.

Those water droplets are expelled not just through coughing or sneezing but through breathing. If you need proof, breathe on a mirror or even your glasses like many people do to clean them. That fog is caused by water vapour in your breath. which is composed of water droplets that once in the air will float until it falls onto a surface. If the water vapour carries any sort of infection in them the infection will stay on the surface until it either dies, which with covid-19 can be up to three days, or until it is removed. Until either of these things happen, anyone that touched that surface or breathes that breath are at risk.

The more exposure a person has to these germs, the more chance of getting sick. If no one wears a mask, then any who have gotten the virus will leave it in the environment and any surface around them. This leads to others picking up the virus and possibly getting infected by it. Which in turn allows the new person to spread it in their environment, risking yet more people.

An example of a typical Trumper.

Now I know most Trump Supporters don’t have enough human decency to care about anyone but themselves. That’s the main reason they Voted for Donald Dimwit. I also know they think this is about them, and their fictitious rights to be allowed to spread disease because they aren’t afraid to get it. Just like they claim it’s their right to gather in an unruly mob, armed to the teeth because they have a right to bear arms. Of course they always neglect to pay attention to the “Well Regulated” part of the passage.

Of course I expect the Spoiled Brats that whine about having the right to get their haircuts, go to the beach or enter a private business like Costco claiming they are exempt to following that business’s policies and attack the employees that enforce these policies because they don’t want to wear a mask for whatever reason. No where in the constitution does it give anyone the right to put the general population at risk, or to attack a fellow citizen for obeying the laws and guidelines issued by legally elected State Officials. I could be wrong but if I am Please tell me what part of the Constitution states that it’s a right to go to the beach or get a haircut.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Evan Vucci/AP/Shutterstock (10434333bm) Donald Trump, Sauli Niinisto. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington Trump, Washington, USA – 02 Oct 2019

None of them would have made it in WWII. A bunch of crybabies the whole lot. Their Grandparents would have disowned them during that time as Unamerican and Unpatriotic. In those days, sacrificing for the general good was not only considered normal but mandatory.

I can see it now. Whaaa, the gas is rationed, waaah I can’t buy all the sugar or coffee I want. Whaa I’m expected to make a sacrifice for my Fellow Americans. Poor poor me, It violates my rights being forced to support the War Effort. Wahh they arrested me for price gouging and black marketeering. No, No. I can’t join up to fight the Nazis because I have an ingrown Toe Nail.

The times have changed. The heroes in this fight aren’t the military. They are the front line workers who risk exposure to the virus to care for other people. They are like the Greatest Generation in that they keep on doing it even as an ungrateful sector of the nation keeps asking for more.

The Brave and The Bold

It’s sad to see how badly the Character of These American People has diminished. The Proud Warriors of the past have been replaced with soft, lazy complainers who are only brave when armed and facing unarmed opponents of when they outnumber them by a factor of five. The Greatest Generation were proud to put their lives on the line. The Wannabe Generation is proud to put other people’s lives on the line. And all through this, The Real Heroes are protested against, screamed at and even threatened.

The Gutless Wonders.

The people from the Greatest Generation would be ashamed of these selfish fools. THEY’D be lined up around the block to pitch in where ever needed and not whining about having to do it. Of course back then, the men and women were mostly courageous people with ideals. They stood up proudly to face the greatest challenge of their times. I never heard of any of them advocating stopping the war because they wanted a haircut or attacking a salesclerk because they couldn’t get more than they were rationed for. Of course, most of them had discipline and and enough self respect to find that sort of behavior beyond the pale.

The Wannabe Generation not so much. They dress up like Rambos, only the Real Warriors are laughing at them. It takes a number of them to face off against a single opponent. And they need to be armed to do that. Of course John Rambo would take them down in a few seconds without raising a sweat and walk off with all their toys. John Wayne would spit on them and Audie Murphy would look at them funny and walk away shaking his head. So lets all hear it for all of Trump’s WAMBOS.

Published by Joseph Kavanagh

Hi. I am a retired 61 year old. I'm of Irish descent and of irreverent temperament. I find a lot of what has been happening on the last few years just bizarre. I really find it hard to trust anyone who takes themselves to seriously, especially those people that can't laugh at themselves.

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