Whining Crybabies and Weekend Warriors

Masks help stop a person from spreading the disease to other people. It’s called being responsible to your fellow citizens. It keeps the water droplets from being expelled into the air around you. Those water droplets are expelled not just through coughing or sneezing but through breathing. If you need proof, breathe on a mirrorContinue reading “Whining Crybabies and Weekend Warriors”

How America Became Great Again.

Four years ago, The United States was a Leader in most things in the world. It had everything going for it. Largest Economy, Largest Military and it took the lead on most world affairs. It had a leader, Barack Obama, that had in the previous eight years, stopped the Economy from collapsing. Put in placeContinue reading “How America Became Great Again.”

The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle

The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle is a rare animal, seldom seen outside it’s natural habitat, fetid marshes and swamps. It is very Virulent to whatever environment that it inhabits. This creature is unique in that occasionally, it venture away from it’s home swamp and has been found in more urban areas like Washington D.C. WhatContinue reading “The Venomous Kentucky Snapping Turtle”

This is a warning of new scam on Facebook.

Scammers are Scum. A warning to any is are targeted. Yet another scam artist pretending to be a Representative of no less than Mark Zuckerberg who was going to give me $500,000 CAD. All I had to do was pay a $250. activation fee. I called her on it and low and behold, she doesn’tContinue reading “This is a warning of new scam on Facebook.”