Metaphysics, Whosits and Whatnots.

The Universe needs Balance.

Hi, I’m Joseph. I’ll be your Wizard this Evening

Empaths Feel

Empaths feel. They are so able to feel others’ emotions that they often can’t distinguish between their own emotions and that which is coming from other people. Many don’t realize this and try to deaden themselves to these sensations with alcohol or drugs. They are often diagnosed as having a mental illness and often consideredContinue reading “Empaths Feel”

Where do we go from here?

The world has been headed for a cliff for awhile now. It has been obvious to anyone who were able to open their eyes and see it. However, it’s been easy to ignore, especially for those who find the truth inconvenient. Many of us are familiar with the Criminal Justice System, if only from watchingContinue reading “Where do we go from here?”

Covid and Smallpox

The Covid-19 outbreak has been nature’s way of reminding us that we aren’t the ones in control. A microscopic entity has taken down humanity for the next while and will keep doing so if humanity doesn’t pull it’s head out of it’s collective butts. People have been relatively spoiled the last hundred years ago. AfterContinue reading “Covid and Smallpox”


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